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"Help is on the Way......ONLINE!!"

Our online services offer individualized attention to your child's specific need.  We will target their areas of concern and promote building self esteem and confidence. Every individual learns differently. Each of our professional educators will develop a plan to maximize your child's inner most personal potential. Thank you for considering Phillips Online Tutoring. As always, we look forward to helping you and your child reach academic excellence. You have joined the thousands around the world in making education a priority again!!

                          "Help is on the Way.......ONLINE!!"

  •             Pre Kindergarten to 1st grade

  • Social Skills: Your child will learn self-control skills, how to listen quietly, follow directions, and cooperate with others.

  • Reading and Writing Skills: Your child will learn the alphabet, letters, corresponding sounds, and sight words. They will also begin to write about themselves and write stories as part of class projects. They'll talk about stories they are reading to show they are understanding them.

  • Math Skills: Your child will count items and recognize numerals up to 20 or higher. They'll begin to learn basic addition and subtraction and other concepts.

  • Science Skills: Children learn about plants, animals, parts of the body, senses, seasons, weather, and more.

  •                 5th grade to 7th grade

  • Social Skills: Your child's sense of self will play out through her social skills. They will have friendship preferences, but you may need to be aware of issues of cliques, peer pressure, and labeling others. They will be more responsible for organizing and prioritizing their work. Your child may show competitiveness and be emphatic about preferences.

  • Reading and Writing: Your child will understand themes and different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They'll increasingly use research materials for reports. They'll build their vocabulary.

  • Math: Your child will work with increasingly difficult fractions, multiplication, and division using multiple digits. They'll start learning geometry and algebra. They'll collect data and display it with graphs, charts, and tables. They'll solve word problems.

  • Science, Social Studies, and Technology: Your child will learn about electricity and energy, American history, geography, and biology. They'll learn how to read maps and about cultures around the world.

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